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We have upgraded to a brand new look and a streamlined automated exchange process, now with both EURO and RON pairs.

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All prices are in EURO. 0% extra fee.

Only 5 easy steps to exchange fiat-to-crypto online:

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Our startup has got the initial acceptance into FasterCapital's technical cofounder program and has secured $100.000 which is half of its funding.

Earn FREE Money with LDV Crypto Exchange Referral Program

In crypto We say THANK YOU in money. We created a Client Referral Rewards Program to thank our clients for recommending us to others!

The program is very easy to take advantage of:

  1. First

    You invite other crypto lovers to register via your dedicated referral link. Any validated user can generate their own personalized link, available in both English and Romanian.

  2. Then

    Other people click on the link, register and exchange funds with us.

  3. Finally

    Out of our profits, we pay you a 25% commission, paid DAILY in your on-site wallet.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We at LDV Crypto Exchange chose to GO FAR and GROW TOGETHER! Because we see the crypto world as one big family.

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What is LDV Crypto Exchange

The world as we know it is rapidly changing and the cryptocurrencies have a huge impact in this process.
OUR MISSION is to connect the Fiat and Crypto world together allowing Crypto Currencies to interact with fiat currencies very easily and in a very fast way.

OUR ROLE is to optimize the cryptocurrency exchange process and better educate the crypto users and lovers.
As Leonardo da Vinci, a true genius, the most influential artists in history, revolutionized the Renaissance, we want to place our mark on this Crypto World in this Crypto Era.
OUR GOAL is to become in 5 years a fully regulated Hybrid Crypto Bank.


Online Wallets

You can quickly deposit and hold fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Instant Exchange

The Instant Exchange feature provides you with a very fast and easy cryptocurrency exchange experience.

Professional Support

Our team will give you professional support on our easy to use exchange platform.

Why are newer generations eagerly investing in crypto currencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum?

Get your Bitcoins today

The cryptocurrency market has been growing at an exponential rate with an influx of capital, driven by young savvy investors. We are witnessing the beginning of a new digital economy.

Be part of the future. More than an investment, cryptocurrencies are an ongoing technology. As a result, the blockchain space is booming with new opportunities. This industry is here to stay. This new industry is constantly evolving, therefore the earlier you get acquainted with it, the higher your chance are of benefiting from its future development.

As Leonardo da Vinci, a true genius, the most influential artists in history, revolutionized the Renaissance, we want to place our mark on this Crypto World in this Crypto Era.

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Activation in under 2 hours

While other crypto platforms take weeks to review your registration, we review and approve accounts in under 120 minutes.

Fast fiat transfers

The fiat deposit and withdraw processes are very fast thanks to our platform integrating with our banks' automated services.

Deposit, Exchange & Enjoy

Wether you deposit fiat or cryptocurrencies, it's easy to exchange between them. Next, enjoy your funds!

Become part of a fast-growing area of investments and financing. Create now your personal account and invest in verified crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We bring to the table a lot of research, creativity and win-win strategies to ensure very fast FIAT and CRYPTO deposits, exchanges and withdrawals.

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Billion EUR total market cap

Only 5 easy steps to exchange fiat-to-crypto:

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